The Platform

Our web-based platform turns Vacation Fund into a tangible benefit that your employees can actually interact with. Employees can enroll in Vacation Fund, track their account balance, request withdrawals, plan their time off, share vacation experiences, and access the complimentary travel concierge service.

Offer the program through our platform or have it integrated into your organization’s intranet.

Easiest add-on to your benefits package

Quick to Implement

Built with a user-centric approach, platform was designed to fulfill all of your onboarding and enrollment requirements.

Flexible integration

Our platform can exist as a stand-alone application, or be built right into your company’s intranet.

Visual and engaging

Platform was designed to heighten the employee experience, and bring your company culture to the next level.

Minimal maintenance

We make your life as easy as possible, and provide the tracking and progress you need to make this relationship worthwhile.