The Best Employee Benefit. Ever.

Invest in employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention by giving them the gift of travel.

Why the vacation fund program?

Did you know that employee burnout is one of the leading causes of turnover? Instead of wasting time and money to replace burnt out employees, why not eliminate burnout by implementing the Vacation Fund Program.

What we do

The Vacation Fund Program is a research-backed benefit for your employees. It allows employees to direct a portion of their paycheque into a separate Vacation Fund Account, and allows you to match a portion of their contribution.

Not only does this make your employee’s dream trips more financially attainable, but you will be sending a message to your employees that you want them to take time off, away from the office.

We will also help your company implement a set number of mandatory vacation days that employees are responsible for taking each year.

Employer benefits

One // Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Two // Attract and retain talent

Three // Clarify company messaging around vacations

Employee benefits

One // Simple, employer-matched vacation saving

Two // The easiest way to achieve work / life balance

Three // Eliminating awkward vacation conversations

What are you waiting for?

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